Touring the communities with Darien

Today has actually been a fairly easy, laid back day.  We were up with the sun (not that that ever changes), and ate early in order to leave the house by 7 a.m.  We were going on Darien’s long hike this morning, which took us down through the lower part of her community, then to Monterrey, then Fila Mendez, where her Peace Corps compatriot Jessie lives.  We revisited the car ditch of last year, and saw that it had been filled in quite well this time around.  Still, don’t think that we will be driving there any time soon.

The house near the lower school had wild turkeys it the front yard!

As we walked along, many people commented on the fact that we were indeed walking, and exercising.  There was no shortage of people either honking hello, or offering a ride to one destination or another.

A lot of improvements in the schools from the last visit, the lower school received a grant of about $8K to build a new greenhouse, and all the other schools we saw also had greenhouses.  The roads have been greatly improved all over as well.  Who knows, perhaps in the next 5 years or so, there will be paved roads as well.  Darien was remarking that Fila Guinea, along with the other communities, seems overbuilt, and she really enjoyed our trip up the mountain the other day.  I must say the views were breathtaking.

Along the road, we were reminded of home a bit as well.

It is so very hard to choose which vista is the most beautiful here, each offers its own breathtaking scenery, rolling hillsides, lush greenery and beautiful skies and clouds.  The clouds can remind us, though, that downpours can be sudden and fierce, and then end as quickly as they started.  We had that happen early in the morning when we put the wash on the line outside.  Oh well, second freshwater rinse never hurt anyone.  And the sound of the rain on Darien’s roof (which is metal) is soothing and peaceful, especially when it’s bedtime.

My friend Jaime, master of the ceviche, stopped by late in the morning to tell us the ceviche ordered yesterday is not ready, but that he would be by with this and that at some time.  Have to love how the islands are so similar to here.  And Micronesia.  It makes me long to go back to Ponape, which will eventually happen, to The Village.  But we are relishing our time here.

Back at the house, we did laundry, hung it out, had tamales for lunch, and contemplated a nap in the strong heat of the afternoon.  Tonight will be pasta and some of the dorado Jaime brought yesterday for purchase.  And ceviche! Plus organizing the packing so that we have our checked bags ready and locked away before we start our final five days of adventure at Casa Botania, in Bahia Drake, and back to Manuel Antonio. 

Wishing everyone a great day, and an enjoyable birthday shout-out to Dianne back in Hawaii!


Devil Tati