Rebirth of Our Website!

Stephanie started a website with photos and blog back in 2010 using Apple iWeb software. This worked well for a while but Apple stopped support of the program and website maintenance and software use became more complicated. I was never very comfortable with adding content and Stephanie drifted away from posting given the intensity of law school. However, once she completed law school she was on the lookout for new educational options. She signed up for some photo classes at the Honolulu Museum of Art School and had a great time. The timing of those classes did not fit well with my work schedule but then Stephanie mentioned a Saturday class, Building a Website with Squarespace, taught by Sarah Smith. The schedule worked well for both of us and we signed up. The class has been very stimulating and the first session helped us to get organized and then explore options on our own. As a result, the website is reborn with photos and this blog. Stephanie plans to republish some of the past travel blog entries and we will include travel photos. For those on Oahu, the class will be repeated in October and we highly recommend it!