Life on the Kona Aggressor II

This was our second dive trip of the year, both of which were on the Kona Aggressor II.  Each time we have sailed, there has been turnover of captains and dive guides, but each time is always wonderful.  If you are kamaʻaina (you live in Hawaiʻi), this is the absolute best value for diving Kona.

Our crew consisted Captain Randy (our first time with him), Chef Kevin (second time), Engineer Cliff (three out of five of our trips), DMs Cameron (second time), Celia & Jeremy (both new for us).

Our fellow passengers were cousins Kari & Kirsten (east coast mainlanders), Seiko & Nobu from Japan, Ushesh from California & Stephan from Switzerland, Dean & Barb (also east coast mainlanders), and Gillian & Oliver from Zurich by way of New Zealand and Germany, respectively.

Our trip yielded 27 dives at 14 locations, one of which was new for us!  It's a rare trip down the Kona coast that gives us that.  Some of the highlights of the trip included a pod of dolphins, manta rays, frogfish, bi-color anthias, a viper moray, bandit angelfish, and tinker's butterflyfish!  And, naturally, the highlight of the trip was the "pelagic magic" night dive, 3 miles off the Kona coast.  Truly a magnificent exhibit of migrating deep sea life.

For a look at the Captain's Log, go to: