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We are avid travelers, and our vacations center around scuba diving, photography, and our children - not necessarily in that order!  

1.  As of today (we will let you know if this changes!), we have only one continent left to visit - Antarctica - and Stephanie chronicles our travels in the BBlog on this website

2.  We have two kids, Darien, who is on her second foreign service tour with her husband Aaron (China!), and Eliot, who is in Japan with the JET program 

3.  We have three cats - Oscar Wilde-Cat, Maiya, and Mr. Keo - but hold spots in our hearts for Rocky and Sheba

4.  We are becoming very green, powering our home off of solar panels, and Wayne drives an electric car

5.  Stephanie has a habit of applying to new post-graduate programs and getting accepted -- will she ever work again?

6.  We really hate snow

7. We are both PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainers

8.  We love to dive and travel, preferably simultaneously, but will take the occasional cruise

9.  We got married at the now defunct Molokai Ranch, and stayed there with Stephanie’s parents two weeks before it closed

10.  We are Mac Geeks, and continue to convert our families and friends