A small side trip

Well, the morning was an early one, but not too terribly early.  We had a breakfast ready to go for us at 6:30, and then the car was packed up and ready to go by 7:30.  It was a difficult night sleep pretty much for all, but we still were energized by the view and the crispness of the air, not to mention Yami’s coffee, made in the traditional Costa Rican sock method.

Then it was a much quicker trip down the mountain to San Vito in order to drop off the Luces for their return to San Jose, and then to Maryland.  It was a good trip meeting them, and we did enjoy the time we spent together.

After a cups of coffee, cocoa or tea, we dropped the Luces off at the bus station, and we headed off to Panama.  My blisters were absolutely killing my heels, so it was my fervent hope to find some first aid tape quickly.  Not quite so lucky.  It took walking the entire (short) town, and going to its largest supermarket.  The town of Sereno is definitely not very large, and it has a dearth of first aid tape.  But not a dearth of Spam.

I got a nice view of Panama as we were headed to the fried chicken restaurant (yes, Wayne was even going to eat fried chicken, sprayed liberally with hot sauce).  Although the restaurant was closed, the view was not.  We left Sereno with relatively little damage monetarily, and headed back to San Vito for lunch.  It is funny how bad the iPhone Map app is, you have to see where it placed us vice where Google Maps placed us.

Once we did that we came back to Darien’s place, did laundry, I wrote the blog, we had a visit from Jaime the local ceviche purveyor (he only had dorado today, no ceviche, but he will bring 3 tomorrow).  Darien said that Jaime almost never comes to the home, but he called out as she went out that he knew her parents were here...I guess he remembered the gazillion cups of ceviche we bought last year.

Wayne is checking out the website for the Bahia Drake Wilderness Resort where we will be headed for New Year’s Eve and Day.  Breakfast sounds totally yum, so we will have to do a lot of hiking while we are there!

Dinner tonight is sausages and homemade tortillas, plus leftover salad.  Should be good, especially since I brought my Gulden’s mustard packets.

Good meals and dreams to everyone!