Waiter, can we have a pair of patience pants, please?

Two things have really solidified on the trip -- without internet access, Wayne is a cranky bunny, and Darien will always swipe food from Aaron’s plate.I think the funniest line of the morning goes to Aaron.  It was a calm breakfast morning, Wayne and I arrived at 6 am to be overwhelmed by the groups going out on tours, and then hung around to have a very nice breakfast.  He headed back for vitamins and packing, and I stayed there, sipping coffee and listening to the ocean.  And scratching the bites on my leg...

I have been nearly bite free almost the entire time here until we got to Bahia Drake.  After each afternoon nap, I have discovered several bites despite not hearing any mosquitos at all.  Wayne also turned up with bumps on his legs.  Well, it wasn’t a mosquito.  Last night I found the culprit skittering behind the bed.  A little black spider that was a wee bit too fast for me to catch.

And I love the ocean, baby.  Followed closely by rain, of which we had plenty last night.

Anyway, Darien and Aaron arrived (guess who’s been calling them Daron and Arien??) for breakfast, shortly followed by Wayne.  It was funny to watch Darien’s fork continue to circle Aaron’s meal, only to finally be told that she needed a pair of patience pants.

Apple, tree!

We finished our meal, packed up and left by 8 am to head back out.  This was after having worn Wayne’s Christmas Jersey (van Persie’s Netherland jersey, to be precise), and having had somewhere between four and six people call out van Persie!  Good player!  With only seeing the color of the jersey and the number!

We were planning on dropping off Darien & Aaron in Palmar Norte, and then heading to Ojochal for lunch.  The drive was remarkably faster and unpunctuated on our return, and we dropped off Darien & Aaron with plenty of time for them to have lunch, catch a bus out and then eventually make it to San Vito by 4pm.  Good driving, must say.

Lunch at Citrus was as good as last year.  And there was some lovely artwork for sale, but way too bulky to bring back to Hawaii.

The rest of the drive to Quepal and then Manuel Antonio was uneventful, and we wound up slightly down the street from the hotel in which we stayed last year.  When we got to the Pacific Souss, it was miserably hot, there was no wi-fi in the room, and our 3G service was reduced to the pits.  The humidity and head were enough to make you weep, and even the view couldn’t really bring you to a state of bliss.  I think we missed our hotel from last year.  Oh well.  Adding insult to injury, we arrived in Manuel Antonio too late to go to the national park, and I hadn’t thought to book us closer to the park in order to be able to walk through.  Sigh.

A beer and a nap can make things better, though, and we woke up refreshed and headed up to dinner.  A quick perusal of some guides showed us that the park opens at 7 am daily, and that we would have plenty of time to walk through tomorrow.  So, dinner was served, and the email arrived...LSAT score.  While I’m not in the top 1o%, I am high enough up to be competitive at many schools, UH in particular, so I am happy, and starting to think that law school may indeed be in my future.  We shall see.

To bed we go at 10 pm, and we will look forward to tomorrow in Manuel Antonio National Park.