Hot Springs (agua caliente)

Today started with grey skies and light rain.  Darien’s friend was bringing the sixth graders (I think) to the Wilson Gardens today, so we took her son Estaban along for a ride to the springs.  On our way there, we picked up another of Darien’s friends, Jessie, who is a third Peace Corps volunteer.

When we arrived at the springs, there were two indigenous men there already.  They started to strike up a conversation, pointing up the hill, but even Darien couldn’t understand them!  So, we ignored them.

We spent quite a while in the springs, which are warm rather than hot, and had another picnic lunch.  I am fast becoming addicted to tortillas and squeaky cheese here, made locally by Marta.  Oh, and Jessie makes killer cookies, I had to have two. 

We left sometime after eating, and dropped Jessie back off at home.  As we left, we managed to hit a big ditch filled with rocks and crunch the rental car.  Thank goodness for no deductible insurance, I highly recommend it for Costa Rica!

Post ditch, we took an alternate route back to Darien’s community, and hit a very muddy patch.  Wayne floored it, and we bounced through and out of the mud trails.  Esteban seemed to love it!  The poor car had a different opinion....

When we got home, it started to pour.  While Wayne and Darien napped, I went down to the pulperia, and got some calamaris in oil plus some sauce to make up dinner.  As we got closer to time to cook, Esteban came over.  We sipped our wine and Darien made Esteban what looked to be Tang.  It turned out his mother’s return was going to be later than expected, so we brought him in and fed him.  Post dinner, we gave him hot chocolate and got ready to watch a TV show of music videos.  Imagine my surprise that it was a review of the 80s, right down to a shirtless Michael Jackson.  No!!!!!!

We went to sleep with the sound of the rain on the tin roof.  A pleasant, quiet day.