And we made it - Costa Rica December 2011

Short entry here -- it’s been a long day of flying.  We were delayed in Honolulu, but with long layovers in Los Angeles and Houston, we were fine and didn’t need re-routing.

While in Houston, we got the news that Rocky’s ashes were ready to be brought home.  Dianne volunteered to get them, and he is there waiting for us to come back home.

The first thing that struck me in the airport (besides the lateness of my suitcase at the baggage carousel) was how different it was from both Cabo and Buenos Aires.  No one was there trying to swindle you, the airport was not overwhelmed with people, and the process of picking up the rental car was easy and pleasant.  Oh, and they give directions the same way we do in Hawaii -- “go left four blocks to where the gas station used to be and stop.  Go one more block turn left and go!”  While picking up the car at Hertz, we were lectured on the new traffic laws and the insane fines for speeding.  Bottom line, unless you want to have to pay $2000 to get out of country, don’t go too fast!!!!!

We arrived on Festival de la Luz, Festival of the Light, which kicks off the Christmas type season here, and goes until Darien’s birthday - January 6th.  Although we didn’t know it, the Festival was breaking down almost directly opposite our hotel, which we drove past.  We figured we had made a wrong turn somewhere, and wound up doubling back on the Pan American highway, and going past the hotel (which I noticed this time!).  Once we figured out the under the overpass method, we were turned around and back at our hotel somewhere around 11 pm.  Amazingly, there was a casino, which was quite loud, so we put on our earphones, checked email, and headed to sleep, looking forward to meeting Darien the next day.