Well, for those of you who are familiar with A Christmas Story, that's not quite what I said.  Or texted.  To my husband.  And my sister. 

This summer has been my personal hell - studying for the bar exam has created shades of fragility I did not know I had.  I have been pretty good all summer, studying six days a week, outlining all my essays, taking all my practice multiple choice exams.  But it doesn't really add up to a ball of rice at this point.  After the morning essays, the afternoon practical exercises, and two three hour sessions of multiple choice questions, I have absolutely had it.   

I was fortunate to have the support of Wayne this summer, and the tutoring of Bryan Henderson, a young attorney from Atlanta who has coached me in my essay writing.  I had a mini meltdown the Saturday before the exam, but Bryan was there with me for these last few weeks, and has helped me build up my confidence.

But, I mean, really, this exam was probably the two worst days of my life.  I pray that I do not have to do this again.  Not even watching former law students playing Pokémon Go outside of the Blaisdell has lifted my spirits at all.   

The one thing that is back is my appetite.  I am starving.  I'm glad that we stayed at the Courtyard Marriott, and that I was able to get a good sandwich for each day.  And tonight we will celebrate at Ruth's Chris for dinner.   

But I am burned out.  The MPRE was really nothing compared to this, and I still need to take that one again. 

Cross your fingers and say a good prayer for me, once is about the only amount of time that I want to spend preparing for this exam. 

To my fellow test takers, best of luck with your scores!  To me, please, please, please do not need to take this exam again.