Redhead goes home

I spent my morning packing my gear, my clothes, and assorted paraphernalia.  Then, I hopped on my bicycle, and toured around the island one more time.  I managed to stop and get the pictures that I could not when we were caught in the downpour on our first full day, even securing a shot of a fairy tern to die for.  I stood under a tree waiting for that one - and was happy when one of the five shots I fired off in a row came out well.

From there, went to Kwajalein Dive Club sale, and picked up a few goodies to bring home as souvenirs.  There was a dearth of sale items, go figure, it’s hard to get supplies to Kwajalein!

Met up with the gang at lunch time, and they regaled me with the wonderful things they had seen.  One word is all I have for that.  Jealous!

I was picked up at about 2:30, and ferried over to the airport.  Most folks were outside, and I didn’t understand why until I saw them lighting up.  So, I opted to check in, and continue working on homework for my class that would be meeting Monday night (as in tonight!).  Got everything done, with time to spare, boarded the plane and headed home.  It was an uneventful flight, blessedly, and I got a little sleep, although not much.  Got home at about 2 am, and crashed out for a few hours before heading in to school. 

Can’t wait to go back!

Fairy tern