Land cruising

A day with nothing planned.  That never happens with us, so why break tradition now?  We first walked to FnF (well, almost walked, we were picked up halfway there during a heavy rainfall) to tour the Ocean Hunters I and III.  The III is more comfortable if you have a lot of couples, but if you have about 6 singles and one couple, the I is the way to go.  Both provide nitrox, and the I is now in drydock getting retrofitted with a nitrox membrane system.  Both very pleasant, and both on our list of “to do” in the some time future.  :)

We found a great little Italian place for lunch (owned by Tova (FnF co owner) surprisingly) where we had a great lunch before heading to the Etphison museum.  We haven’t been there in a long time, so the visit was welcome.  They now have a downstairs exhibit, focusing on canoeing.  At $10 per head, it’s not the greatest bargain, but not too terrible.  It was a decent walk.  On the way to lunch and the museum, we stopped at the sports store in WCTC to get me a new pair of sandals.  It turned out they had a sale pair of Tevas ($20!) that helped me walk a little bit better (actually a lot better).  The slippers I brought to Palau had seen better days, and I strained my foot trying not to slip on pavement or on the dive shop floors.  Yay Tevas!

Dinner tonight was the Tandoori Mixed Grill at the Taj.  Ok, we really didn’t change much this trip, but you just can’t beat the Taj in Palau.  We stopped by their new bar (opened last year) before getting our supper.  Although you couldn’t taste the alcohol, the drinks were quite strong.  Thankfully we generally walk, or, as in this instance, we get a ride back to the hotel.

A very lovely visit to Palau, and we cannot wait to come back.  It will unfortunately be a year from now, but we hope to bring more friends with us.

A hui ho!