Truly our last day

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad, and Happy Birthday Maiya!

Final confirmation was posted on the board this morning, our plane will arrive at 1:30 am, and it will take roughly 2 hours to get to Honolulu.  This time I’m pretty much ready to go.  I was glad that the powers that be realized and afforded me the extra two days of relaxation here in Midway.

This morning brought our final circle island bicycle tour, trying to go down old trails that were here the last time Wayne visited.  Unfortunately, they were not well kept up, so we backtracked.  That’s ok, though, made for more riding time.  We finished up with a trip back to the finger pier, where there were 3 adult hybrids and a chick - bonus score!  Then it was back into Midway Town, where we went into the gym.  There was an abandoned fledgling canary, with no parents or nest in site.  I brought it to John Klavitter, the Deputy Park Manager, and he advised to put it outside the gym where it could forage since it was flying.  Don’t know that it will make it, but don’t think it would have had any chance inside the gym.  At least outside it can be heard, and perhaps its parents will come.

Life in the jungle.

The afternoon was spent on the boat headed back to Eastern Island, in search for the elusive short tailed albatross.  Alas, none to be found but the decoys, but we did get to see grey backed terns displaying mating behaviors, along with sooty terns.  Quite nice!  And we were led partway to the island by my dolphin buddies.  They abandoned us for our return trip, but all in all I was pleased with our excursion.  When we got back to the pier, there were two white tip reef sharks, but I was not quick enough with the camera to catch them.  Alas.

Then it was off to shower, eat dinner, and grab about 4 hours of sleep before the plane arrived.  We have a good feeling that it will work this time without any glitches.

Postscript:  We got up at 12:45, and waited for the plane to arrive, which it did at 1:30.  We were brought on board at 2:45, and took off at about 3 am.  We touched down in Honolulu at 6 am, and headed to Anna Miller’s for breakfast.  Although sad to leave Midway, we were both relieved to be home with the critters (who were mad at us), and in the position for me to catch my flight out Thursday evening.  What a trip we had!

Now to start planning for 8 years hence.