Heading back to the main islands

After breakfast we headed out to Midway theater, where it was opened up and we got to see it.  When folks were stationed here, this theater is where the films were played, similar to movie theaters on Naval (military, actually) installations worldwide.  Different than most, though, there were wooden benches in the back of the theater for seats, and the walls were covered with Navy images from the Pacific in WW II.  On the ceiling, there is an anchor in the middle of a blue field, with Marine Corps and Sea Bees emblems on each of the four corners.  Quite ornate, and the pictures rang true for the times in which they were painted. 

Then it was off to the hydroponics tent, where one Thai man grows enough lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers to support the island.  Not to mention this, there is cilantro, celery, a cantaloupe experiment, and more.  The fertilization is controlled by a computer (we checked it, and the nitrate level was off!), and fairly well regulated.  The birds seem to like the roof for roosting during the day.  Across the street is another garden where watermelon, other fruits and veggies are grown.

Wayne and I took off to walk North Beach from the restaurant to Rusty Beach, in search of albatross take-offs for video.  We got both the Laysan and Black-foot albatross taking off and in flight, along with a swimming monk seal!  Nice surprise, and the monk seal was very photogenic.  I really can’t imagine having to leave here after this week.  I’m already planning the packing list for 8 years hence.

We’ve now packed just about everything except our computers, which will go in our carry-ons at the last minute -- break, break -- we just got back from a 1 1/2 hour bike ride around to some of our favorite spots.  We had the luck of seeing yet another monk seal, and two hybrid (Laysan and Black-foot cross) albatross.  Nice pictures, too!  I also had the chance to pet an albatross today.  Two were squabbling, so I just stood still, and one ran behind me.  After the first one took off, I reached out and pet the head of the albatross (yes, Mom, washed my hands immediately afterwards) several times, and it just sat there.  Nice and soft, just like kitty fur!

And now we’re done with dinner, bags packed, and waiting for our time to head to the airport and board.  It will be a long (5 hour) flight on a very small aircraft (thus it feeling long vice being long), so we’re not looking forward to that, but the kids will be glad to see us at home.  I head in to work in the morning, and Wayne took the day off.  At least the kids will have quality time with one of us!

Aloha, Midway, looking forward to meeting again!