Welcome (back) on board - Travel on the Kona Aggressor II

We were up early this morning, knowing that the crew would be in  at the dock to let the chef go pick up the week’s supplies.  We wandered over to see who was still on the crew with whom we were familiar. Sous chef Matthew was there, greeting us from the kitchen porthole.  He has taken over primary chef responsibilities, but I know that we are in good hands.  We spent a good amount of time talking with him last summer, and we know he is intending to head to culinary school and become a yacht chef.  Nice ambition!  He had also recently spent a good amount of time muck diving in Indonesia.  He loves his little critters.

After that was Java on the Rocks for some coffee, and a trip to Jack’s Diving Locker just to check out what’s new.  To be honest, I was also looking at their necklaces.  Ever since I got that first dolphin, I’ve been hooked.  I keep hoping for a humpback whale, but no luck.

Captain James and Assistant Captain Andy greeted us, and we were informed that Mindy was also with the crew still, but there were some new folks, too.  We dropped off our bags, and wandered around town for the day, with a return boarding time of 5 pm.  There’s always a lot to do and see in Kona, and we had lunch at a pub that was new to us.  Very pleasant, and we had a good view of the Aggressor.  And bless our happy hearts, the nitrox was pumping freely!

Saturday evening was the meet and greet, and the review of the rules of diving after our spectacular dinner.

You have to understand that diving off of the Kona Aggressor is as much a culinary experience as it is a diving experience.  And Matthew has developed a wonderful repertoire.  Tonight was no exception to the rule.  We had a lomi lomi salmon salad presented on fresh, organic lettuce, black and while ahi sashimi with a wasabi cream sauce and baby bok choy, and our crowning dessert was pineapple upside down cake with a creme fraiche.  It is so worth the kama’aina rate just to come on this boat and eat and sleep for a week, much less dive.  But we are thrilled to be doing all three.

We did make one adjustment, knowing our cabin.  We brought a sleeping pad for me to put under the sheets, as the mattress was rather thin and trying for my back.  We also brought our own steel 100 cylinders along with us so that we could dive with our normal weight systems.  I’m looking forward to a fantastic week!