On our way home


February 4, 2013

Ok, I have to absolutely wax rhapsodic today about the TSA Pre-Check.  We were signed up for this when we did the Global Entry application a little over a year ago.  We found out that with GOES, we sail through customs with the greatest of ease as we return to the US.  And other countries (ones that we would like to visit) are branching into the program as well.  Woo hoo!  Well, the TSA Pre-Check makes domestic travel a little bit of heaven as well.  If you make it through the program, there is a little icon on your ticket clearing you for entering the airport.  We sailed right through in San Francisco and Los Angeles - no taking of of your shoes, no separating out your computer and/or CPAP, no pulling out of liquids.  It was absolutely great!  I would tell everyone to sign up - even though it takes time to get through the process, it is so worth it.

We had a series of cascading flight delays today - both in San Francisco and in Los Angeles.  In San Francisco, our plane was having a problem with the solanoids that required restarting, and in Los Angeles, our connecting aircraft was late in arriving in the terminal, so we boarded a half an hour late.  We did leave the terminal in LA to have lunch in the newly reopened modern building, where the wait staff used to dress in Jetsons-like attire.  The food was decent, and it was nice to have a break in the flight schedule.

We touched down in HI at a quarter after 10 pm, and had to wait incredibly long in order to get my one checked bag - I wound up checking my clothing as we bought enough electronics at MacWorld to justify another carry-on.  And, with my foot, it was much easier not having to carry around a bloated bag of clothing!

The kitties were waiting for us by the door when we arrived.  Mr. Keo took his typical spot on my shoulder, and started purring!  Music to our ears, a year after we brought him back into the house, he was purring again.  I think he finally feels safe. 

Have a great week, everyone!