Over the river and through the woods to St. John USVI we go

It was a fairly early morning today - up at 4:30, check in at the airport (well, check bags), hop to Newark, and the travel from Newark to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.  We’ve been planning this trip for over a year now, expecting that it would be the only trip that I could take this summer.

We are very much looking forward to going on the Cuan Law this coming Sunday, and having the opportunity to fully unpack our bags (after mailing clothing no longer necessary back home) for 6-7 days.  Living out of a suitcase 2-3 days at a time is ok, but it does get tedious.

The flights were uneventful, and unlike last time, my dive gear made it here in one piece.  Which is good since our regulators are in our dive gear bags.

From the airport, we took a taxi with 8 other people across the island of St. Thomas towards the ferry to St. John.  We had to stop at a resort on the way, so we didn’t make the 2 pm ferry.  We did, however, make the 3 pm ferry, and were at our B&B by 3:30 pm.  Denise, our hostess, greeted us, got us signed in, and took us to our room (after carrying up my dive gear!).  We were given two drink tickets for the Lime Inn, so we freshened up, unpacked moderately, and headed out.  Let me just say yum.  We had a lime/coconut/rum concoction that was deceptively light, along with oysters on the half shell.  A mere whetting of the appetite, we needed to stay hungry because Jodi and Matt were on their way (hoping to catch the 5 pm ferry), and Jodi conveyed Matt was really hungry.  So was I.

We reviewed our dinner options, and then saw the menu special at Lime Inn.  Lime Inn it was!  Denise also gave us pointers on good hikes and snorkeling sites around the island.  Could be a good day!  Or three!

We discovered that we will be taking a ferry from a different location when we head to Tortola, so Wayne and I explored that while waiting to meet Jodi & Matt, who caught the 6 pm ferry as the 5 pm lifted its gates just as they arrived at the port.  We headed back to the waiting area, and saw the ferry as it pulled in.  It wasn’t too hard to see Matt and Jodi as they arrived, so we met them and brought them back to our lovely B&B.  We each have a fairly large room with balcony, but on different floors.

Dinner was indeed at the Lime Inn - just look at the menu, can you blame me?  Very, very satisfying.  Jodi conveyed during dinner that the Cuan Law’s nitrox system is down, and it doesn’t look like parts are on the way any time soon, so we will be diving air, and probably fewer than five dives per day (Wayne’s favorite pattern - mine too - when on a live aboard).

A small stroll after dinner helped me to make it to the obligatory 10,000 steps per day, and then we headed back to the hotel to clean up, let me blog, and go to bed.

A very successful day.