Oh what a circus, oh what a show!

A frantic Thursday followed by frenetic Friday!

I spent the past week catching up with the solar folks, Sunetric, to get our meters accurately reading and transmitting.  After installation, there was one broken reader that needed to be replaced.  Nearly a month later, after some prompting on my part, the company realized the order was in and that we needed to get it installed.  Shree volunteered to be at the house for the installation, thankfully, and then we would work over the phone to get everything talking to one another.  What a nightmare.  We work longer hours than company does business during the day, and they do not work weekends.  So I stayed home to get it done.  After lots of button pushing, resetting, and about 3 phone calls, it worked!  Now both are registering, and it looks like we are powering the house solely through Solar!

Tuesday through Thursday was a lot of work with spreadsheets (can you say headache?), and getting things done before leaving for a week’s vacation in Cabo San Lucas, part of which was arranging for an alternate set of drill dates for September.  Scored!  It’s going to be a wild a crazy month here.  I also got city and county approval to conduct an above and below the ocean cleanup as part of the International Ocean Cleanup Day, September 25th.  Now it’s time to advertise it - both on the Dive Network and at Booz Allen.  We shall see the number of volunteers I can get.

School has started, too, and I raced to attend about 2/3 of my Thursday class before getting to the airport on time.  And off to Cabo we were, we hoped...our  flight was delayed by 1 1/2 hours due to a maintenance problem, so as we took off, we didn’t know if we would make our connecting flight.  As luck would have it, we woke up to see we would be arriving only about 40 minutes late - so we didn’t get to see Jodi and Matt due to an overnight stay in Houston (and Lore!), but we got on our plane to Mexico.  Which was delayed by 30 minutes due to thunderstorms in Houston.

And then we got to Cabo, luggage already at luggage claim as we walked through immigration, and then out into the cacophony of the airport.

Small word of advice if you are coming here -- either rent a car, or - if you do the hotel shuttle - walk out the exit, turn firmly to the right and out the group exit door.  If you don’t, you will be manhandled and pulled over to a counter where the never ending time share sales pitch begins.  And yes, for the record, we are going to sit through one here at our hotel, but we are both firmly prepared to say no, as we don’t want to be tied down to one location!  But it does get you discounts in town, and since we are here to kayak and dive (and not in that order), it is helpful.

More on our hotel later!