Be it ever so humble

Our trip home was fraught with irritations -- although we were upgraded on our United flight to LA, we were not listed as having boarded the plane and flown!  Luckily, we noticed this right away when we got in, so we called Continental and were assured our seats were available, and secure.  We did check into the airport early though!

Our overnight in LA was very pleasant, got a good deal on the hotel, and finally made it to the Palm for dinner.  Their summer lobster special was extended by a month, so Wayne and I split a very pleasant dinner.  Definitely need to look at going there for dinner one night while we are in NY!

We got home to several mini disasters -- an overflowing litter box, broken spoon rest, fried hard drive on the iMac, and the sound connections yanked from the AppleTV to the Panasonic.  Talk about disasters!

Of value to us from this trip was our timeshare pitch.  Wayne and I had thought about acquiring an after market resale timeshare at the Marriott in Ko’Olina, but the pitch and the fine print we saw in Cabo was enough to put us off even buying a resale.  Instead, we will probably look to buy a condo, use the mortgage benefits, and find a company to manage it for us.  That way we will have access, it will be somewhere we intend to go annually, and we won’t have to trade in order to enjoy the benefits!  We are now thinking Kona, but that time is not upon us yet.

The trip to Cabo was made by our interaction with Sunshine Dive and Charter, we both highly recommend them.  Lars works with you to price out a great package deal, and has a professional, pleasant staff.  It’s not often a poor divemaster gets saddled with leading four instructors for a week, Jonathan did a really wonderful job (despite the computer/bootie incident!!).  We will definitely now go back to Cabo, which we wouldn’t have believed at the beginning of the trip.

Four musketeers