And then there were two

Dives, that is.

I circulated the dive notebook around this morning and last night to get email addresses.  I’ll forward out the blog and Wayne and my consolidated photos from this trip.

We were planning to do two dives at Turtle Pinnacle today, but the current and surge were too rough.  It’s a shame, because the dive right outside the harbor is so nice.  We’ve seen spotted eagle rays, turtles, sharks, lots of big pelagic stuff.  Another time perhaps.

The first dive wound up being at Kaloko Arches, which we formerly knew as Lone Tree Arch.  It was originally named for the lone tree on the beach.  The area has since grown in vegetation, and I do not know who Kaloko is.  But that’s beside the point!

James led, we were being videoed for the trip DVD.  Wayne and I were barred from entry until James was in with his camera.  We did our giant stride entry together, and then proceeded to follow.  I found a very large yellowmargin moray, and I encouraged it to come out for everyone to see, and James to video.  It went well.

We also saw another horned helmet eating an urchin (reluctantly, it seemed!), went through the swim thru to see ta’ape, and ran across a porcupine pufferfish, devil scorpionfish and an octopus before the safety stop.  While at the safety spot, a pod of dolphins swam through (that’s what you see in the intro photo), and I busted away from the safety stop to chase.  When I returned, I was assessed a 2 minute stoppage time.  Not a terrible price.The break between dives seemed too short, how could it possibly be the last dive of the trip?

We headed over to a site we have dived before.  It is a shore dive, and it used to be known as Old Airport.  It is now called Shark Fin because of an appropriately shaped rock on shore.

We descended to whale song that lasted through the entire dive.  Wayne and I had ditched our tertiary tops, and were diving with five mils and hooded vests that have seen better days.  The coral was breathtaking, so was the continued conversation between a mother whale and her calf.  We saw many, many large peacock groupers, there was a flame wrasse, and it was just surreal.  We would have stayed longer to listen to the music of the deep, but it was just too cold.

Lunch was hot dogs and hamburgers upon on the sun roof.  I had some beer with lunch, and it was good and cold!

We were given the option to go into Kona from 2 until 4:30, or stay on board.  We remained on board, and I updated my dive log, and worked on the blog until I hit a wall, and had to go to sleep.  About an hour later, we got up, I put on my first hint of makeup in a week, and dressed up for our farewell cocktail party before being dispatched to shore to fend for dinner. 

There was an awards ceremony, delightful, where those who received certifications and “did homework on vacation” received awards.  Wayne and I received “Iron Diver” awards for doing all 27 dives, and we got medals to boot.  What a kick! 

I would definitely dive an Aggressor again.

Dinner was at the Kona Brewing Company, where everyone enjoyed their last dinner together.  Hot and muggy, but enjoyable with good company.  What more could a girl want?  To come back next year.

Tonight will be the last night sleeping in a rocking boat, smelling the ocean breeze, and feeling supremely content.  School starts on Monday, and the books are calling.

Good night to all.