Parting is such (un)sweet sorrow

And in the early morning, Don first took his daughter to the station at 5:45 in order for her to go to an audition in London for Singing in the Rain.  Nicola’s newly graduated from theater training and looking to break through as a singer who dances, rather than as a dancer who sings.  I can understand - the singer who dances gets the lead!  Their son Martin is an astro-physics major at the University, who is interested in getting his doctorate in the United States.  No slouches, those two, Don and Barb have an entirely impressive family, themselves very much included.  They have been the absolutely most fabulous hosts, and I only hope we can eventually return the favor, or at least be on several more trips together.  I am sensing MacWorld may be in our future.

I mistakenly booked us in first class (because I had to rebook the train for an earlier one) on our return trip, but it was a good mistake!  We had a full breakfast, free wifi, and comfortable seats in which you could actually sleep for the 2 1/4 hour journey.  Then we hopped on the Victoria underground line, followed by the Picadilly line, with a final out at Heathrow.

We squeezed into our seats and dealt with the six hour flight (economy plus was filled up =( and we had a full flight), and then managed to secure upgraded seats for tomorrow’s flights. Then it was off to customs/immigration to find out whether or not the time and money (only $100) invested in the GOES program was worth its weight in salt.

It was.  Less than five minutes to clear customs and immigration, and to head to the AirTrain to Jamaica station on the LIRR.  I have to say, this whole system really makes traveling via JFK a very pleasant alternative to Newark.  Much closer to my folks by far, and far shorter train rides.  It’s definitely going to remain on the horizon.

The Global Online Enrollment System was definitely worth the time and effort if you expect to do at least one overseas trip per year for the next five years.  The online application can be a bit daunting, even irritating, but once it’s complete and your application is processed, it makes traveling so much nicer.  Just one time through customs made it worth every headache.

Now it is on to the Yankees game (they lost, so Dad will see game 5), and the Nats (they won, so it’s down to tomorrow to see if they advance).

I think we’re going to be back in lovely England!


Liverpool Station