Six travelers, San Vito bound

The morning started around the normal time, and we started packing our bags up to head down to the Fila.  We had to get a shell for the truck yesterday in order to fit the six of us and our bags, and we knew it would still be a bit of a tight fit for all of us with bags and baggage.

With the legendary feat of legerdemain behind us, we all got in the SUV and backed under the pipes that we scraped returning from Avis with an empty shell.  We made it successfully and then headed out to start the scenic route down the coast.

One thing I really dislike about Costa Rica is the lack of street signs!  We missed the onramp for our entrance to Highway 27, and had to circle the park one more time before hitting the ramp.  Once successful, we started down the toll road towards Highway 34.

Side note, after two years in a row where Google Maps does not work in Costa Rica, don’t try using Google Maps....

On another side note, the Kolbi SIM cards for our iPhones work great, but they didn’t translate over so well to the iPads.  No worries though, tethering works, and we have unlimited data for 15 days, which more than covers our needs.

Our first stop on the route was Tarcoles, where we walked halfway across the bridge to show Aaron’s folks Crocodile River (aka Rio Grande de Tarcoles).  Crocs still there, lots of them, and still smelled like crocs!!

Then it was down the road to our lunch spot, Dominical, where we first fueled up the SUV, and then hit Cafe Delicias for lunch.  It was indeed delicious.  On our way there, probably ten minutes after the crocodile bridge, I actually saw a HUGE lizard crossing the road.  I guess the warning sign wasn’t off too much.

Then came the final journey down to the communities, by way of San Vito.  Wayne offered to drive, but since the roads had been fine so far, I turned him down and we didn’t swap over until we reached San Vito.  The roads were significantly different this time - no gaping holes filled with water while we were in a downpour, and no trucks looming behind me on the precarious path. 

In San Vito, we stopped for bus tickets, for cash, and then dropped off the Luces with Aaron’s host family, and settled in at Darien’s place, unpacking, and getting ready for Christmas Eve dinner.  Salad, fresh local pork, and torillas that Darien and I made finished up the evening, along with a local Panamanian sec.  Nice and easy trip this time.  Looking forward to the rest of the week in Fila Guinea/San Vito.  We also got to meet our grandkitty, Tati.  Very nice day!

Merry Christmas Eve to all!  Skype and and iChat tomorrow, I hope.


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