Graduation Day

Also, our last day in Fila Guinea.

We decided last night that we would definitely be headed back to San Jose on Friday, extending the travel to two days.  With reservations for a boutique hotel in Manuel Antonio secured, we were ready for the day.  Today was a big day in Fila Guinea, the two schools were having their graduation days.  The one on the top of the hill starting an hour earlier than the one at the bottom of the hill.

We went and picked up Aaron and headed to the school at the top of the hill.  As we pulled in the gate, it seemed like dozens of voices started shouting “Darien, Darien!”  Well, really, there were...

The kids were in the midst of eating their last school meal of the year when we arrived.  Polite, sweet, friendly.  Afterwards, there was a loosely assembled soccer game.  Darien soon got a call that the buffer was needed down at the lower school, so off we went.  I have to say my favorite part of the morning was when Benjamin came up to me, rubbed my hand, and wished me “Hola, Mama Darien.”

We picked up the buffer and headed to the lower school.  As with upper school, the children were feasting.  They were also dancing, getting their faces painted, and clamoring around Darien and Aaron.  We partook in the meal with the children and teachers, and then all of us got our faces painted. 

From there, we went out to the school garden to pick lettuce and various other veggies, dropped them off at the house, and then went to the local eatery to have a local lunch.  It sits across from the local wi-fi spot, so you can imagine what went on before and after lunch...we were surrounded by the local high school children, whose bus drivers brought them to the eatery and pulperia after school for a while before heading home.  Darien’s Fila is the only one with a cantina, so it makes for quite the hot spot.

We dropped off Aaron, saying our goodbyes, and then headed back to Darien’s house to make a final dinner and prep to leave the next day.