Costa Rican Christmas

We took off last night on the 8:20 flight to Houston on one of the newer United 777 airplanes.  My head was definitely clogged up with this never ending cold, and the United website would not let me print out a ticket of any kind.  =p  But the plane - and the new business class seats - was a winner!  It may not have been the new dream plane 787, but it wasn’t in the least bit shabby.  Nearly a full recline in business, wow!

Much of the city of San Jose looked very familiar to us as we got in our rental mammoth truck (big enough to seat six, as Aaron’s parents are coming in for Christmas as well).

We are staying at the Suites Cristina Apartotel in downtown San Jose, very close to our original stay hotel of last year.  It’s clean, and they charge a decent rate if you pay cash.  Peace Corps gems that these kids find...                                                             

We had dinner at a fun place we ate last year - Fogo Brasil.  They have a webpage and a Facebook page, so if you like going to Churrascarias, and love red meat, you should check it out!

Aaron’s parents arrive at 9, and will be coming back, but I think the sleep monster is starting to hit very, very hard.  It may be that we meet tomorrow morning, and not tonight.  Tomorrow we head to a national park to see a volcano, and then we will wing the rest as the day goes by.  Christmas eve will be spent navigating back to Fila Guinea, and then we will move on from there.