We're Baaaaaaccccckkkk

It’s pouring rain right now, and probably scheduled to do so the entire week that we are here.  But that’s ok, because the last two words of every sentence will be “in Palau.”

I originally was not planning on blogging this week, but when we landed and I saw the colorful sights of Christmas, I thought I would absolutely have to share.  No one will see this until we get back and I publish it, but I am planning on sharing Christmas in the Rock Islands.

The last two weeks have been particularly stressful and difficult.  In addition to my first ever law school finals, I have been in two trials and missing multiple classes, and the the coup de gras, Wayne brought home a nasty virus from the pediatrics clinic.  I took my first final with a fever, unable to breathe, and sneezing.  Wah, wah, wah.  But it’s done.  And, as promised after graduation from the MSW program this May, we have whisked away to Palau.

As we headed out the door this morning, my first error (that I recognized) was leaving my iPhone and iPad in the kitchen on the counter.  Doh!  As soon as Wayne started the car, I realized that and ran back in to get them.  Too bad I didn’t look in the bedroom one more time.

And then it was off to the airport.  We left early because POTUS was on his way in, and sure enough, there was traffic.  Yuck.  But, as we went through, it turned out it was for an accident on the side of H1, where I noticed a small car appeared to have been run off the road by a truck, and in running off the road, it went 2/3 the way up the surrounding embankment.  Impressive.

Luckily, no one was hurt.

And then to the airport.  We were there 3 hours early just in case the President’s arrival caused a ruckus.  So, we had a relaxing lunch at Kona Brewing Company, and then went up to the lounge.

Things snagged a little after we boarded.  The connecting Houston flight was delayed by an hour, so we were waiting for them before proceeding.  The pilot said 20 minutes max, but it wasn’t until an hour later that we left.  Luckily, our original layover time was 1 1/2 hours, and the pilot made up about a 1/2 hour en route, so we had time to hit the lounge in Guam, check email, and then board.

The flight to Palau was uneventful, we landed and taxied to the gateway.  We were met (on time!) by both the Sea Passion Hotel representative, and the Sam’s Tours representative.  There was Christmas music playing in the terminal, and it was the coolest weather I can ever remember here in Palau.  I hope that doesn’t mean that the water temperature has dropped to 82 degrees.  That would be awful!  And require a 3 mil wetsuit.

The towns on the way to Malakal were decorated so brightly that I decided to blog while we are here.  It will probably be much shorter, just with pictures, but I will definitely document for posterity’s sake.

In the room, after unpacking, I discovered my second mistake.  I didn’t pack the power cord for the CPAP.  It’s at home on the waterbed waiting to go in the backpack.  Oh well.  :pMemory.  It’s the first thing to go after stress, right?

We are now in the midst of a thunderstorm - there was one violent clap (Wayne slept through), and now a lot of wind and rain.  I am headed to sleep to try to get some more rest (unlike on the airplane, where I napped and dreamt of personal jurisdiction scenarios - gotta just let the law school release!).

Good night!

Room with a view