Happy Thanksgiving!

We decided (ok, I decided) we should do a bicycle tour this morning of Kwajalein, given the small size of the island.  It was a nice tradition we established when we were in Midway, and I thought that it would be nice to continue it.  Lori and Wayne graciously humored me!

We did the grand tour again (revisiting the paths that Jim took us on in the golf cart after our test dive), going down the airfield, by the marina, past the beaches and the turtle pond, out to the SDI building that is now used to store excess equipment (garbage dump), and back around.  As we were headed back towards the airfield, we encountered some pretty vicious wind and rain.  It was strong enough that the rain felt like it was slicing your skin, and the wind could blow you backwards!

We took a (very) little shelter, and waited for things to die down.  Then we proceeded forward.  There is a small, 9 hole golf course on Kwaj, and folks were playing through despite the wind and rain!  Talk about dedication...

After finishing up the tour, and by the way, we saw some of our bird friends from Midway -- brown curlews, Pacific golden plovers, fairy terns -- we went back to the hootch and decided we were HUNGRY!  After a snack, and an aborted attempt at a nap, Jim came by and told us he had ceded cooking responsibilities to Malcolm, and that we would do a one tank shore dive.  Although torn between homework and salt water, I chose (big surprise - NOT) salt water.  We dove the ski area wreck, which is a lovely shore dive, maxing out at about 60 feet, with lots of coral and fish.  It was truly a beautiful dive, and there were two wrecks.  One, a regular ship, and another, which was a landing craft.  Such beautiful coral, including razor coral, and lots of life.  I can only imagine that I would be in the water as close to every day as possible if I lived here.  Hmmm.

Following that, we headed home, showered, and joined the gang for Thanksgiving dinner.  I have to say, the community in Kwaj welcomed us with open arms.  People who had never met us before had us at their home, enjoying a meal with them, and telling stories.  It was lovely.  And Malcolm did a wonderful job with his beer can chicken, duck, and the bourbon marinated ham.  Plus the turkey, all the sides, I felt so guilty while still feeling very fortunate.  What a fantastic place this is! 

We went home, and I crashed, leaving homework for another day.  I’m already not wanting to head back to Honolulu, but it will be necessary.  :(

Pump up the volume!