Off to Blue Corner

This morning saw a beautiful sunrise, but we were hammered with humidity the moment we left the hotel room and headed for breakfast at 6 am.  The clouds overhead looked a little bit ominous, but rains happen here quickly, with some intensity, and then they break.

Rain first hit during breakfast, it was just a bit of a drizzle, not a downpour, and Jodi’s positive mental attitude sent it spinning away by the time we made it to Sam’s.  We geared up, and headed out.  And then the rain started again!  The sky in front of us was blue, but as we continued forward, the grey was encroaching.

We were hoping for German Channel, but the divemaster check showed us it was not quite the right current, we would have had to have left sooner to catch it correctly.

So off to the not so horrible Blue Corner!  We entered on the inner area close to Blue hole, and drifted up to the corner.  It was dark, and there were tons of pelagics, Current was minimal, so after hooking in for about 20 minutes, we went across the corner to the outgoing side, seeing sharks, turtles, clown triggerfish, and garden eels along the way.  The pelagics swarming on the outer wall were magnificent as well.

Since I’m just getting the hang of this new GoPro camera, my pictures are not quite up to speed, but I’ll get there!

The next two dives were Ngemelis Coral Garden to Blue Corner, followed by Big Drop Off.  We narrowly missed seeing an ornate eagle ray (insert sad face here), but were still treated to star puffer fish, juvenile sweet lips, batfish, sharks galore, and a good number of Napoleon wrasse.  Lunch between these was at Two Dog Island, where there are no dogs, and we indulged in bentos and crab racing while resting.                                         

Then back to Sam’s for dive gear maintenance, Red Rooster beer, and dinner at Kramer’s, a local favorite haunt.  Somewhere during the course of this blog, I will write about the local restaurants and provide links! 

It was a lot cooler on tonight’s walk as compared to last night, but Wayne and I still got lost despite Jodi’s good advice on a short cut road.  We now dub it Jodi’s road, and I promise to remember it always.  It was rather hot and still up at Kramer’s, and Jodi noted that the fans weren’t running, so despite a wonderful meal, it was still somewhat uncomfortable.

Then back to the hotel where we parted ways.  Wayne crashed and burned almost immediately, while I further logged dives, looked into my dive computer settings, and outlined this blog.

Friday means German Channel (we hope) and Jellyfish Lake, and perhaps a shot at “Sam’s Wall.”