Leaving Basel

Yesterday was quite nice as we walked around the city.  First, though, I really needed a nap!  Despite being on vacation, we have been up long before the sun each morning, and yesterday was no exception.  I burrowed under the marvelous duvet (I’ve enjoyed those on this trip), and grabbed a half hour’s nap.  A small snack later, and we were off on our walk.

We took public transport into town, first a bus, and then the S-bahn (short for Strassenbahn, or street car).  There were a number of walks we could have done, but I needed to get back in order to have a test conference at 9 pm.  So, we followed the blue headed man..

Dinner was at an Indian restaurant on the road leading back to the hotel.  After dinner, we walked back, and were dually entertained by and fearful of the clouds overhead.  There was an ominous cloud funneling down towards the ground, and that which appeared like lightning in front of us.  We made it in ahead of the rain, which started to pour down after we got in.  Upon checking our flight reservations (United separated our reservations for reasons unknown to me), we saw that I had been moved from my seat in economy plus next to Wayne to the second to last row in the entire plane!  We changed my seat to that right next to Wayne and then went about our normal routines.

My conference test was a success, and then it was off to bed.  I heard the conference testing on the other side at 1:30 am, and jumped up afraid that I had missed it.  I hadn’t.  I got another hour’s sleep, and then got ready for my interview, which started a little late.  I was a little anxious at first, but then warmed up and did what I think was a fairly good job.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Back to sleep until 8:30, I woke up  to a very hungry hubby who had been waiting for an hour and a half for me to get up.  We dressed, went down for breakfast, and came back up to see that I was again relegated to the second to last row.  After a frustrating call to Geneva (thank you Skype), we were seated together for our flights after being told we must have separated our reservations by mistake on the web.  Hah!  This is the second time this has happened to us with United, the first being our trip to Costa Rica.

We got to the airport, went into the Swiss lounge (very, very pleasant(, and waited for our flight.  Once we boarded, the male flight attendant henpecked one other female in the emergency exit row into leaving her seat and yielding it to a man.  He tried the same with me, telling me there was no way I would be strong enough to open the emergency exit window, and that I should give up my seat to a man in the back.  Again, hah!  I told him no way, as did Wayne, and we went on.

We got into Frankfurt, and had to navigate from B terminal to Z terminal, with no specific gate number listed.  We got there, visited the Lufthansa lounge, and got our information, and went up.  When we got to the line to board, we had to go over and get screened by security because of TSA requirements of US citizens.  I mean, goodness, TSA in Germany?  Isn’t it bad enough stateside??  Oy. 

Side note, Wayne told me that the current TSA model is built on the one established at BWI airport.  Now I understand.

On the flight, the flight attendant mostly ignored my requests, and only served Wayne until I was loud enough for him to realize I existed.  Go figure.  Here’s hoping the layover in San Francisco and tomorrow’s flight to Honolulu goes well.  And that I get the practicum position!