Time for the long journey home

Wayne was up again at 0-dark-thirty running the tub and clearing out his sinuses.  Something in the clinic was being passed around before he left, and it seems as though he shared some of it with me.  Thank goodness for Emergen-C, and for the 5000 IU vitamin C drink I found at Don Quijote.  We have been doing a lot of "mask clearing" on those three dives in the guise of blowing our noses.  Looks like his congestion is here to stay.

We did a final walk through Onno Village this morning, roughly a two mile jaunt.  We were going to need to get in walking, because we will be in transit for about 15 hours today, with a lot of sitting, and very little exercising.  Maybe a lap or two around Narita will be in store.  And in case you were wondering, the “bus” next to which Wayne is standing is not real.  It is a “K Car” with a VW logo on it, painted the exact appropriate colors!

Smooth sailing to return the rental car, and we wound up going over a bridge that looks like the Friendship Bridge in Palau.  It must be a common type of architecture in Japan.  Regardless, it was fun to ride across in daylight hours!

And now we are in the ANA lounge awaiting our 12:20 flight to Narita.  I was happily able to finish up the blog, and will post it when we get to Narita.  I will probably update yesterday’s entries with photos from our dives, but the gist will remain the same.

There is so much to see, to do, to eat here in Okinawa, I feel as though we didn’t even scratch the surface.  I told Wayne I wished Eliot was doing a Darien and spending two years here.  We could come back for two weeks the next time and get in so much more.  I really highly recommend this trip to anyone and everyone - it has been amazing.

Have a wonderful day!