Spring Break 2014 on the Kona Aggressor II

So last summer I sent an email asking about the kama`aina rate for the Kona Aggressor, viewing spring break as the target week.  We would find out in a week or so, I thought, how much we would need to save in order to go dive.  Well, the price came back in less than 24 hours, and we realized we could book and pay the deposit before I got into school. 

It was done!

I have to say, I think this is probably the best possible break for me.  The past 18 months have been particularly trying with my CASA cases (I love my kids, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve been in the court room every month for 18 months.  My trial that just finished took 15 days, when it typically is one that will only take 3.

My professors all said we need to study over the spring break, so I have text books on my iPad, but I really need a break.  Thank goodness for the ocean.

So we are spending the week off the shores of Kona, doing dives that take us further down south over at least 3 of the days.  I’m looking forward to seeing humpback whales, different sharks, maybe pilot whales, dolphins, and all our Kona favorite fish.  And I’m praying for a whale shark!  There are a lot of favorite old sites (I have 87 dives here, Wayne has 95), but we are positive we will get to see new ones as well.

Today has been nice so far - we arrived last night and checked into the King Kamehameha (now a Marriott Courtyard) after 9 pm, and slept in a bit.  We left for breakfast at 6 am, checked out a new sushi place we have not been on Ali`i Drive, walked up to Longs to pick up a few things for on board ship, and scouted out our lunch location.  On our way back from the initial morning scouting trip, we went to see if there was indeed a pedestrian route up to the Kona Brewing Company (there now is, so walking there is a breeze from the King Kam).

Breakfast was at Java on the Rock, a favorite place to sit, watch the water, and have breakfast.  Free wifi, and you can see sharks from the shore.

Lunch was at Laddawan's Phuket Monkey Thai Cuisine.  It was great.  

And then we went to see my favorite jeweler, Oscar.  His shop is Originals by Oscar.  He is packing up his shop and storing everything in his home, and is only seeing people by appointment.  I sent him an email asking if he would be available next Saturday, when we depart.  He has written back and asked if there was anything in particular that would hold my interest.  I asked if he had any photos of sea life jewelry.  He will hold things I request to look at.  I am sad he is retiring, but at least I got to contact him today.                 

We turned in our dive gear after lunch to two of the crew (James and David), and have at least seen four fellow divers.  They are repeaters from last year.  And then it was off to the library to spend the next 3 1/2 hours in a quiet, air conditioned location. 

The library has wifi for free, so I’m doing the first installment of the blog today.  Most of the entries will be limited as it pertains to pictures, as I will be limited to bandwidth from tethering my iPad, but I promise to keep everyone up to date on the adventures.  I’ll have more on our day when I write again tomorrow.

Happy first day of spring break!